Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I love the creative process. It doesn't matter if I am creating a powerpoint presentation for work or decorating our home or planting my flowers or writing. It is all the same process to me. It is another interpretation of who I am.
While creating a powerpoint presentation the other day, I found myself dwelling for long periods of time on the words on each slide and the clip art I should use that would depict what is represented in words. I created a new graphic for the whole presentation. I find this process satisfying. I like doing it. I like creating.
We use our dining room as an office. It is command central in our home. We both spend lots of time there at the computer. For the last seven years, we had a corner desk with two side desks. The three pieces hugged the walls and window.
Last weekend we took it apart and turned it around. We could only keep two pieces of the desk together. It looks like a new room - more like an office and some of the clutter is hidden. I like looking at a space and seeing it differently, not an easy thing for me to do.
Sometimes I get stuck. I may put a decoration in a certain place and there it sits forever. I seem to look past it. Then one day I am struck by how wrong it looks and move it. I try to walk around the house and see it with new eyes.
Last year I had many of our bushes removed. Now in the spring I will create a new look. I already planted an additional tulip bulbs. Can't wait to see them bloom in the spring. The way the weather has been they could arrive very early!
This blog helps me to discipline myself to write. I struggle with this creative process, too. I keep looking for something that comes easily to me, but I can't find it.
Maybe that is part of the creative process - the struggle!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ode to Farberware

Oh, Farberware, you have been my faithful

kitchen companions of 46 years.

Your shiny aluminum clad stainless steel surface comforts me.

Your slim curved handles lovingly fit into the palm of my hand.

Your tight snug fitting lids intrigue me.

I love the way you nestle together in the drawer waiting for my touch.

You have shared life with me





At every occasion you were by my side ready to serve.




I have burned you. Let you sit unclean in the sink for hours but

YOU never let me down.

I resisted the allure of Le Creuset's flashy red finish,

Rachel Ray's hard-anodized aluminum and Paula Deen's speckled porcelain



I was seduced by Calphalon's dark anodized aluminum complexion.

I brought her home and thought you both could live in the same drawer.

I quickly realized she was finicky and unattractive so I returned

to be faithful to you.

And you took me back without a word of reproach.

How can I show my devotion to you?

Eat out and give you a day off?
Shine your bottoms?

Only say the word.

You know you are the only one for me.

Monday, January 2, 2012


Why is it the media gets all excited when politicians cooperate and work together to get a bill passed that is supposed to help the country? Isn't this their JOB?! Can you imagine any other profession where a big deal would be made out of cooperation? I thought cooperation was an important job skill for the the 21st century! The exception should be shocking, not the expected behavior.

Why is it okay to lay-off teachers and other public service workers when the number one goal of Michigan's governor is to create jobs? Why don't those jobs count? I read other recoveries were propelled by job creation in the public sector. Don't you wonder if this recovery is stalled because the public sector is shrinking? By the way, how are your public services these days? We don't get our streets plowed in the winter any more. We have way fewer county sherrifs on the road. Fewer police and fire fighters. Feeling safer these days?

Why can't we respect each other's role? Public and private sectors each have an important role to play in our society. I think they deserve the same amount of respect. I worked hard as a teacher and served the community. Why should I feel like I am a second class citizen? I did not create this recession or put our country in debt over a trillion dollars. I always paid my taxes and my house payment and all of my bills.

Why are Wall Street and the big bankers allowed to destroy our economy and absolutely no one goes to jail for his wrong doings? Yet my portfolio is decimated and every penny of equity I had in my house is gone and I still have to make my house payment and pay my bills.

Why won't Bank of American sell my mortgage so I can qualify for one of the government programs that were created to help homeowners whose mortgages are underwater? Am I penalized again for paying my bills?

Why can Congress dictate what our health care system can and cannot be, yet they don't participate because they have free health care for the rest of their lives? Why do they get a say about social security when they have full pay in retirement and don't receive social security? I would give up social security, too, for full wages during retirement.

Why is life so damn unfair?!